C program to convert weight into grams

write a c program to convert weight into grams

Write an interactive program called WEIGHT CONVERTER that accepts the weight in milligrams decigrams centigrams kilograms ounces pounds tons and display in grams / write a c program to convert weight into grams

#include <stdio.h>
int q;
char u;
printf(” For converting weight into grams \n”);
printf( “enter weight quantity and its units \n m for milligrams \n c for centigrams \n k for kilograms \n o for ounces \n p for pounds \n t for tons \n);
scanf(“%d \n ” q);
printf(“unit of measurement:\t ” );
scanf(” %c \n”,u);
printf(“Weight in grams is %f”, weight_convert(t,u));

weight_convert(int i, char a);
if (a==m)
return float(i/1000);
if (a==c)
return float(i/100);
if (a==k)
return float(i*1000);
if (a==o)
return float(i*28.35);
if (a==p)
return float(i*453.59);
if (a==t)
return float(i*1000000);

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