c programs

List of c programs

Below are list of c programs / c examples for learning c programming

c programs on storage classes

Static variable scope
Register variable scope
External variable scope
Automatic variable scope

number logics

amicable number
Prime number
Perfect number
Palindrome number
Strong number
Find Factorial 
Biggest Number
Average of n numbers

Convert decimal number to octal
Convert decimal number to hexadecimal
Converting decimal number to binary

Calculate simple interest
Calculating compound interest


Add sparce matrices
Add two matrices


Copy one file to other


Palindrome string
Reverse string
String length
Replace characters in string
substring or not using arrays
First occurrence of character in string
Last occurrence of character in string
Convert string to uppercase
Converting string to lowercase
Concatenation of strings
Compare strings

other c programs

Generate Employee payslips
Count students scoring marks>50%
convert weight into grams